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After We Thought it Was About Us…..

Much of what we do in this life is self-motivated. We have no idea why we can’t come out on top. The constant pressure to perform or be like someone else is weighing. The constant pressure to compete because we lack identity, giving us our own Kingdom empowerment to do what we do makes us weak in the faith. If we believe that HE … Read More After We Thought it Was About Us…..

Laugh Out Loud!

People think that being a Christian is boring. For some reason they believe that you can’t have fun. I remember going to church and them telling us that going to the movies was a sin, roller skating was a sin, talking to boys was a sin, putting on nail polish and lip stick was a sin, ballet was a sin because of the risky leotard, and the … Read More Laugh Out Loud!


Did you know that sin is a violent ordeal for a soul to endure? Yes, it is a traumatic experience because it is designed to kill the body and soul. A decision is made and then POW, we are in decades of cycle that kill all that we are and all that we will ever be. Our response to sin is important. Yes, for … Read More LOVE YOUR ENEMY


          When have we ever needed someone’s permission to be great? We are filled with so much power as Christians. We are odd and peculiar in nature, set aside, and uniquely designed to mold different environments into who we are. We are game changers, affectious, and infectious. What doesn’ look like the world’s fashion upsets us because our identity is … Read More KINGDOM GREATNESS

Whose Side are You On?

We look for God to be on our side while at the same time, He is looking for us to be on Hid side! Have you ever had a plan or an agenda, and it was like something came in and completely wiped out everything you set in place? Well I’m letting you know my friend that the sabotage you experienced was God Himself. … Read More Whose Side are You On?

Show Me Your Glory

  Show Me Your Glory! Sometimes we don’t realize how scary that can be. Show me Your Glory? …….What are we really asking for? Saints fail to realize that God’s glory not only reveals Himself, but our ugly attributes that get in the way of God revealing Himself. SHOW ME YOUR GLORY???….. It actually says, “show me where I am undone”! Show me a … Read More Show Me Your Glory

Be Thankful

In every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you. I Thessalonians 5:18 The day I stopped complaining about what I hated in my life was the day God opened the door for something better and brand new!!!!! Acceptance is important. Everybody wants to be accepted, even God. His will is His word, and His word is … Read More Be Thankful

We Won’t Go Without Your Presence

“The Lord works in mysterious ways!”…….. I remember hearing that religiously growing up in the church! The truth is that God’s ways are infinite. His knowledge excels far beyond the capacity of the human intellect. God’s mind holds endless time because He remains a perpetual reality. This is why there are many depths to God. God tells us outright that He gives His secrets … Read More We Won’t Go Without Your Presence

Letting God’s Love Trigger the Soul!

Good Morning! God just gave me a few words to motivate your day into something more liberating.  You’ve been down in the dumps, wondering why you can’t stay focused on the things of God.  Condemnation and a sense of failure has hit your mind, but the Lord wants to resurrect you from this horrible death. How? He wants you to learn to love Him from … Read More Letting God’s Love Trigger the Soul!

Don’t Base Your Worth on Their Approval!

The title of this blog is very straightforward and intentional. Know that we spend years looking for cues and references to be who God has called us to be. We rehearse a false way of being, molding and shaping ourselves into something that people want us to be in order to make them feel comfortable. People who live in lies are never truly comfortable! Have you ever tried to keep up … Read More Don’t Base Your Worth on Their Approval!


As I was putting together a daily devotional, I was matched with the idea of God’s sovereignty! We absolutely do limit His power, and as a result, the work of the Holy Spirit remains inactive in how we possess health, wealth, abundance, and fruitfulness.  The Holy Spirit leads us into all truth and reveals the depths of God’s heart to humanity. No matter how many times we … Read More SOVEREIGN GOD!

When the Heart Becomes Exhausted

What happens when you are about to go into  SPIRITUAL HEART FAILURE? There are so many people who want to give up on their lives because of this spiritual disease. THE ENEMY WANTS TO DESTROY US THROUGH THE STATE OF A BROKEN HEART! Wikipedia defines heart failure as: “the inability to pump sufficiently to maintain blood flow to meet the body’s needs.”  This is also called congestive heart … Read More When the Heart Becomes Exhausted