Redemption! Salvation! LOVE ME IN MY WORSHIP

She makes the choice to love, and seeks to possess it. She is not only drawn by its atmosphere, but she inquires to become apart of its expression. Possessive over what it carries, she runs after it! This love is not running away from her and so she receives the open invitation that says, “Welcome”. In her hunger for Him, she develops the language and expression that gets His attention. It’s heart to heart, soul to soul., mind to mind- INTIMACY, to go into a place where right words are always said to feed the other in mystery. It’s truth of the Holy One that calls and responds to Himself. This realm opens a gate of acceptance, sharing, love, trust, and fruitfulness. She is attracted to His countenance- face and aroma that empowers her to be a true bride who is unwavering and with Him always in Spirit. The oneness that they have has no choice but to nourish a bed that is green (fruitful, abundant, healthy, and wealthy). It is in this place of worship where she is deposited with the words to see, to say, and to prophesy. A place where grace says, “Although you haven’t kept my image and appearance well, I will show you where to find recovery and restoration for your soul.” This is a non-judgmental place & merciful place. Dwell where my flock rests, and I will impart my identity in you as I elaborate on your beauty in the midst of the congregation, where shame and critical dialogue cannot distort the sound of this song we share together. This is the place where i give wisdom in refined beauty on how to draw on my presence in purity. Under this covering, it won’t be you drawing them, but my expression and countenance drawing the world back to me through you as we are One. This will be the place of prophecy.

HEU: “Make the decision. Become a Bride of Christ Today.”

Supporting Scripture

Song of Solomon Chapter 1

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