Month: February 2017

Don’t Base Your Worth on Their Approval!

The title of this blog is very straightforward and intentional. Know that we spend years looking for cues and references to be who God has called us to be. We rehearse a false way of being, molding and shaping ourselves into something that people want us to be in order to make them feel comfortable. People who live in lies are never truly comfortable! Have you ever tried to keep up … Read More Don’t Base Your Worth on Their Approval!


As I was putting together a daily devotional, I was matched with the idea of God’s sovereignty! We absolutely do limit His power, and as a result, the work of the Holy Spirit remains inactive in how we possess health, wealth, abundance, and fruitfulness.  The Holy Spirit leads us into all truth and reveals the depths of God’s heart to humanity. No matter how many times we … Read More SOVEREIGN GOD!

When the Heart Becomes Exhausted

What happens when you are about to go into  SPIRITUAL HEART FAILURE? There are so many people who want to give up on their lives because of this spiritual disease. THE ENEMY WANTS TO DESTROY US THROUGH THE STATE OF A BROKEN HEART! Wikipedia defines heart failure as: “the inability to pump sufficiently to maintain blood flow to meet the body’s needs.”  This is also called congestive heart … Read More When the Heart Becomes Exhausted

Clean Eating With the Word of God: It’s Good for the Soul!

It’s almost evening time and you’ve had a hard day. You are looking forward to dinner and a moment to just wind down. Take out the time to make a hot cup of tea! Recline yourself in your BEST seat! Oh and don’t forget your BIBLE! There are some things that God wants to reveal to you! I think a lot about the Word of … Read More Clean Eating With the Word of God: It’s Good for the Soul!

Are You Murdering People With Your Unforgiveness?

Recall a moment in your life when you asked for someone’s forgiveness, but they refused to free you of the offense. Do you remember feeling offended, hurt, frustrated, and much worse, REJECTED? Around that time, did you always feel like everyone was watching you and trying to target that specific area of your life that seemed irreconcilable? Perhaps it even made you paranoid! It was almost like people were waiting … Read More Are You Murdering People With Your Unforgiveness?


What truly  qualifies us for Godly service? Of course we have our own distinctions that provide answers for those who are broken, but what if we are not always accepted? What if we have all the answers but are unwanted, cast out, thrown to the side, betrayed, or perhaps set up? Here is the hardcore truth. “YOU ARE ACTUALLY THE BEST THING THAT WALKED ON THE SCENE!” I … Read More QUALIFY ME, OH GOD!