Month: August 2016


I woke up this morning with a ton of thoughts running through my mind. The anxiety about pursuing the day was overwhelming. I was also tempted to stay in the bed with  covers over my face, hoping that I wouldn’t be found. I guess I almost became a Jonah for a second. “I’m going to run away so that God can’t find me”. Crazy Right!?  I could have sworn the man up … Read More BE BRAVE!

You Can’t Beat God!

The grim and fiery trials we encounter serve as humbling moments for us to acknowledge the supremacy of our God! When we are abandoned, neglected, offended, or misused we tend to key in on the failures of our fellow neighbor rather than posturing our hearts in a position of unconditional love and compassion for the common frailties we all posses. For many who carousel through … Read More You Can’t Beat God!